Cohen is an experienced teacher and a great lover of sharing knowledge and ideas. Cohen is available to give tuition either in the form of one-on-one instrumental lessons or in group workshops, details on both forms of tuition below. Anyone interested in arranging tuition with Cohen or just wanting advice should get in touch using the contact page.
Instrumental Tuition
Cohen is an experienced instrumental teacher, offering tuition on D/G melodeon and anglo concertina. Lessons are available on either a regular, occasional or one-off basis, either in person or online. Cohen's style and approach is firmly rooted in the English tradition but he has experience of other styles and is willing to give guidance for players interested in other styles.
Cohen spends most of the time based in either West Yorkshire or the West Midlands and is available for tuition in these areas but is also willing to travel or give online tuition.
Below are some example of topics that can be explored in instrumental lessons for both the melodeon and concertina.
- Getting started on the instrument
- Developing left hand technique
- Use as an accompanying instrument
- Right hand harmony
- Exploring possibilities for keys on a D/G melodeon, outside of D and G
- Repertoire expansion

- Getting started on the instrument
- Playing in chordal/ harmonic style
- Use as an accompanying instrument
- Chromatic capabilities
- Repertoire expansion
Cohen has given a number of workshops and talks both as an individual and with the trio Granny's Attic on issues relating to folk and traditional music at both schools and festivals. Previous worksops have been held at the following festivals and schools:

Soundpost Old Adam Singing Weekend
Broadstairs Folk Week
Chester Folk Festival
Wirral Folk Festival
Hartlepool Folk Festival

Bishop Perowne CE College, Worcester
St Barnabas CE Primary School, Worcester
Claines CE Primary School, Worcester
Examples of topics from previous events:
- Getting involved in folk music
- Melodeon and concertina history
- Song accompanimet
- Composing tunes in a traditional style
- Sea shanties
- Arranging traditional songs and tunes
- Repertoire expansion
- Instrumental technique